Flysurfer Peak4, most popular Kite ever?

2020 sales figures of the biggest FS reseller KJ show that Peak4 is even in front of the popular Soul. When I started the kiteforum topic about the usage of Peak4 in the water I didn’t expect it to become the most replied (>2000 posts) most popular (>200 views/day) and best rated (100%) topic about a Kite ever. To add, a kite in a kitesurf forum that was never designed for usage in the water and started in the first version 2013 as an absolute niche product.

But as my first test of the Peak1 in 2013 (sorry actually 404) already has been done in the water, I had no doubt that it is worth a try to do the same with the Peak4. While I have never been interested in the old Peak1-3 versions, the more efficient Peak4 especially in the small sizes excited me right from the start end of 2018. But it took about 100 posts in the topic and some month until others started to share the joy, even if already in 2018 I was able to find out and report that relaunch in the water is nothing to worry about.

But maybe the surprising success of Peak4 come by disproving sceptics in another field. I remember well in 2014/2015 when hydrofoilers started to report that kite foiling could be even great for riding in waves. Sceptics dissent that surfing waves can just be done close to shore where foils will run aground, missing the point, that effectivity of hydrofoils will allow not to just ride the few steep waves close to shore but all open sea swell. Just a real wave kite was missing that would connect the hydrofoil kite surfer even to moderate winds while drifting as no other kite ever before. The Peak4 showed up to be this missing link and opened the joy of surfing waves everywhere on every sea.

Till today Jan 2021 about 100 surfers reported about their first rides with their Peak4 within the named topic, often using wordings as: “didn’t expect”, “astounding”, “completely different”. And also, many reported dropping and relaunch is not an issue. So, there is no more a lack of information about the advantages, the features and how to perform for example drift starts and other manoeuvres. But in a >2000 posts topic it starts to be difficult to find specific information. That’s why, I decided to give the Peak4 topic a link collection that will never be complete, but at least give some orientation by sorting a part of the important posts. Some of the links just show the starting point of a longer discussion which I then marced with (Discussion).

As for every newbie to Peak4 water relaunch is the first question I want to start here:

  1. Relaunch of Peak4 (sizes 3; 5; 13 m²) in the water (3x Video):

2. How to drift launch in the water (1 x Video):

3. First try reports & reviews about most popular small sizes 3; 4; 5 m²

3 m²; 85 kg:

3 m²;

4 m²; video:

4 m²; 95 kg:

4; 5; 8 m²:

5 m²; 95 kg:

5 m²; lightwind vid:

5 m²:

4. Top End for the 3 m²:

5. Windrange for sizes 3 – 11 m²:

6. About true sizes to projected sizes:

7. About different behaviour of the sizes:

8. New sizes 13 and 6 m² of Peak4 that have been published later:

9. Positive reports about big sizes 8, 11, 13 m²:

10. Critics about big sizes 8, 11, 13 m² for light wind:

11. Comparisons to other very different types of kites and sizes:

LEI in general:

Neo 8 m²:



Cloud D 8 m²:

Firefly 2,5 m²:

Marabou 6-9 m²:

Hyperlink 9 m²:

Pulsion 12 m²:

Chrono3 13 m²:

12. Tips for first time peak4 foilers:

13. Hydrofoil riding (videos):

14. Surfing on Waveboard with LEI vs. Hydrofoil with Peak4:

15. Waveboard with Peak4 in 5 m²:

16. Difficult conditions the Peak4 allows to ride in:

17. Unhooked riding with Peak4:

18. Special Bar setup for unhooked & relaunchalbe-stall-suicide mode:

19. Normal Bar and safety setups:

20. Bar Trim:

21. Short line length:

22. Wing foiling vs. Peak4 foiling in swell (Discussion):

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