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  • Respect! „AKA 3“ Chickenloop

    Respect! „AKA 3“ Chickenloop

    A search of more than 20 years comes to an end. In 1999 when kitesurfing started to slowly pick up, many as me started to made first thoughts if blunt fixing themself to a kite that can pull like a truck and can accelerate like a rocket might be a healthy idea. Sadly, it took […]

  • Flysurfer Peak4, most popular Kite ever?

    Flysurfer Peak4, most popular Kite ever?

    2020 sales figures of the biggest FS reseller KJ show that Peak4 is even in front of the popular Soul. When I started the kiteforum topic about the usage of Peak4 in the water I didn’t expect it to become the most replied (>2000 posts) most popular (>200 views/day) and best rated (100%) topic about […]