Small Foil wave kite

Test: ConceptAir Wave Kite 4,5 m²

Small Foil wave kite
Test of ConceptAir Kite Wave 4,5 m² with Monofoil, see video on the end of text

What is the test about?

I have tested the new ConceptAir Wave Kite in 4,5 m² for about 5 days on the monofoil. Unfortunately till now not on a real wave spot.

Looking for a really small, but foil kite for the hydrofoil, there aren’t to much offers around. But I prefer light foil kites even for more than 30 knts. I had a 5 m² Flysurfer Boost² before, which is in most disciplines as range, depower and jumping much much better than the Wave. But a small 5 struter will never relaunch in 7 knts of wind, what every good foil kite does even in 4,5 m². And this can be a demand on our mountain lakes, as you will see in the video.

The kite is just available via manufacturer „Ben“ from Canada, also in the sizes 3 m² and 6,5 m²:

Shop from Conceptair kites for wave foil kite

What it can and what it can’t

A small foil kite for the wave is already something very special, but not enough. The basic kite model line exists for nearly 20 years, the brand is even older and the actual shape is pretty unique. This gives the kite some very characteristics advantages and disadvantages:

+ very stable and good to control in high and gusty winds

+ great drifting behavior for waves (just 900 gramms), but still good upwind

+ very good and mostly fast self launch,

o but less control during launch process, than used with other foil kites, as no backstall possible

o not the typical wide range of leading mid AR foils and not designed for jumping

– build and final shaping is not on the level used from big brands as Flysurfer or Ozone, but it works

German first test report and discussion forum

What is the fun about:

The following picture, maybe describes most of the fun of the kite. While it is not that bad upwind for a kite with such low AR as 3,5 even in not perfect conditions, it is all about the downwind track. As it is the mean demand for a wave kite, it is possible to just forget about the kite and go wherever you want. The kite will nearly never collapse, but will always be ready to give you a new push if needed. Just sheet in feel the very good progressive bar forces and therefore position of the kite and take any wave you want.

Check the video and evaluate yourself:

Test video ConceptAir kite wave in 4,5 m²

Upwind (red) and downwind (green) track with conceptair wave 4,5 m² in 12 – 28 knts


2 Kommentare

  1. Hi Horst, ersteinmal Dank für den guten Bericht!

    Kannst Du bitte mal eine Windrange für den 4,5 u. 6,5 angeben , ein Vgl. zu anderen Matten wäre super!

    Bin früher von Mastair bis Pulse II alle FS-Kites geflogen,habe dann wegen des FDS-Problem beim Pulse II auf Tubes umgestellt, derzeitig North Neo.
    – Foile mit dem Rl.
    Nachdem der Trimm auf 45cm ,wie bei den anderen Foils geändert ist, super und entspanntes fliegen . Vorher – eine Saison nur up and down. Den Anderen- Superfoiler ging’s nicht anders!

    LG aus Flensburg Crazy-pike

  2. Hi Horst,
    Ein sehr guter Report, der ‚mich neugierig macht:-)

    Kannst Du bitte etwas zur Windrange des 4,5 u. 6,5 auch in Hinblick auf andere aktuelle Matten ( Fs, Ozone) sagen.
    Entspricht der Wave 4.5 einer 9er Hyperlink??

    Bin früher Fs- Linie Mastair-Pulse II geflogen und dann wegen des Troubels mit der FDS beim Pulse II auf Tubes umgestiegen- derzeitig North Neo.

    Foile Mit dem Rl. Ist im Auslieferungszustand vertrimmt.
    Keiner unserer Foilasse kam damit zurecht – ständiges Up and down. Erst nach Umtrimmen auf 45 cm- wie bei Mosis kam ich dauerhaft ins fliegen. Hat mich 1 Saison gekostet :-((((

    LG aus Flensburg Crazy-Pike

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