New York City, Rhode Island and other crazy stuff

It’s such a long time ago that I let you hear anything about me, my traveling and competitions. First of all let me tell you, I had a very nice and succesfull month! 🙂


I started on September 12th with my journey to New York City. I never left Europe before, so it was a really big deal for me to travel so far away.

New York City, also called „the big apple“ and „the city that never sleeps“. Right description! Me and my friend Hanna were running around Manhattan and I got that feeling that on every corner I
found Apple Stores… :) 

For Hanna it wasn’t the first time in New York, so I had my personal tourist guide. 🙂

We had three days full of sightsseeing and we were hard-working tourist. 😉 We woke up early in the morning, because of the Jet lag and so we were the first visitors that day on top of the Empire
State Building, made a ferrytrip to Staten Island, sawn the Skyline of Manhattan from the 9-11-Memorial on Staten Island, running around the Financial District, Ground Zero, SoHo, Coney Island…

This city is extremly noisy. If you ever travel to NYC, you have to have a look at Roosevelt Island. It is so cute, peacefull and not the typical sight seeing spot.

Impressive and on the same time a little bit weird: the Times Square. 🙂 There are special shops for M&M’s, Hello Kitty and a Disney shop with princess dresses for little girls. 

We had a dinner on a boat restaurant at the pier on Hudson River and were partying on top of skycrapers in Manhattan. So much happened, too much to tell. 😉

After three days we left NYC towards Rhode Island where we met the mother of Benni Bölli, my Flysurfer teammate. We spend a full week in this nice area of USA and visited Boston, Providence and
Newport. My highlight: a flight with a helicopter above Rhode Island. Just look at the pictures, it was awesome! The house, where we lived, was directly located near the water, but the wind
direction didn’t fit in our time there to go kiting next to the house. But of course: I found a really nice beach in Newport. There was not soo much wind, but what is the slogan from Flysurfer?
Everyday is a kiteday! Yeah, I had so much fun with my 15m Speed 3. And it was sunny and warm. 🙂

I had an awesome time over there, but after one week I had to move on… to be Kite instructor at the biggest KB4Girls Event on the World on Long island. You can read what happened in the next
blog. 😉


Last but not least: I want to say thank you Flysurfer, Marcy and Hanna for making this wonderful trip happen. It meant so much to me.


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