KB4Girls New York – Women Kitepower saves charity organization

When we kiters are underway, it is normally for satisfying our purely hedonistic purposes. We are on the hunt for the perfect conditions, the perfect waves, the perfect spot. Unfortunately,
sometimes we forget that not everyone gets to feel the happiness that we feel when kiting. But the good thing is – you can combine traveling, kiting and doing good, too. The KB4Girls Events are
an example of this.


The first KB4girls Events took place in 2002. The program was initiated by the multiple world champion Kristin Boese, in order to bring more women to the sport of kiting and to
competitive sports in general. A few years ago, the focus of the events began to change, to focus more on generating charitable donations within the framework of the events. This never
prevented the kiters from getting what they needed – more than 400 kiters annually at over 10 events worldwide have gotten valuable tips, encouragement and contacts.

I was asked this year to participate as an instructor at the largest KB4girls event worldwide in New York/Long Island. Women traveled to the weekend event, many from large distances, to
soak up the knowledge and excitement of the sport from Kristin Boese and the instructors. The town of Montauk on Long Island in the famous Hamptons offered the perfect learning conditions
with spacious beaches and wonderfully sunny weather. The spot of Lazy Point belongs to the nicest spots on Long Island, yet remains mostly unknown by outsiders. The southern wind prevails
at the lagoon, but the spot is suited to winds from all directions and is the perfect tip for flat water fans!

Money will be collected for STEPS through these events. STEPS is a program that was started in 1986 by the Edwin Gould Charity which helps to aid victims of family violence and to prevent
family violence in New York City. The need is high: this program helps over 5.000 people annually.


The atmosphere at this event was something special. It was not about having an advantage over other competitors, but rather about learning together. I have seldom seen such a motivated
group of girls and women, all highly motivated to learn the sport of kitesurfing. Both of my girls belonged to the advanced group of kiters and wanted to learn how to do Raileys. Alena
and Ashley did not lack in practice, but still had to deal with some tough landings. This just served to motivate them further. For myself, I was just happy to give their kiting careers a
small boost.

The result of the fundraising was visible: 93.000$ was collected for the program „STEPS“. It only became apparent afterwards exactly how important this money was: without this donation
the program would have had to be cancelled – but now the financing has been secured for several years through the activities and donations within the framework of the KB4girls Events.

I traveled home with a good feeling in my stomach, knowing that we contributed to a good cause.



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