Mount Marcus Baker – A success after all!

Neuste Information zu Sebastian Bubmanns Ataraxia Projekt 2012!

The crew is back from 26 days of an amazing time in ice and snow. And we had a lot of it…

The flight into the area took about 45 Minutes, above crevasses into which houses could disappear!
The scenerey is simply stunning…

Flight In

We built a huge camp and put up walls about 2.5m (8 feet) high around it. This turned out to be a good decision at the end.

Goodbye Plane

The first days were used for acclimatisation, and exploring the area. The snowpack was stable even though we had a record year of snow.
No setteling sounds, no avalanches! It looked good for the next days!

No winds however forced us to skin all the way to the mountain. This took more time than estimated, and the weather windows became shorter.
Just before the storms we had great winds to kite, but not the right directions to go towards Mount Marcus Baker.

Jumping Basecamp

Out of the air!

Eventually the storms came over us, and we had a tough time to shovel the tents and the camp, in order not to drown in snow.

Whiteout in Basecamp

After more than 8 days of stormy weather we finally were able to go for another try. Conditions seemed good, but
we found big cracks in the snow below us on the ridge… too big to continue, so we decided to better try earlier in the moring.

On the ridge

All following tries were cut off by the weather – storms coming in, massive snowfall, clouds…
The mountain seemed to no let us come even remotely close to him.

After more days in witheout, half of the crew had to fly out to catch flights back to Europe.

The rest stayed behind for 10 more days, to finally get the summit! More pics and first videos will follow!

Obie at the summit

Stay tuned,

The Ataraxia crew


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